Thumbnailer allows adding or removing icons of image files. The supported formats are: JPEGs, GIFs, BMPs, PSDs, PNGs and TIFFs. What is the difference when using Thumbnailer? Check the images below:

Very nice looking icons with antialiasing, allowing seamless navigation through hundreds of files on the volume.

Thumbnailer allows:

 - removing existing icons

 - adding new icons based on the true contents of file

 - adding correct extension

 - removing a file creator

 - working from command line


Q; Why would one want to remove file creator?

A: Everybody knows the situation. You set as a default application for opening image files Preview but some of them still opens in Adobe Photoshop. Using “Remove file creator” feature of Thumbnailer will correct this situation.

Q; I used the Thumbnailer, but the icons didn’t change?

A: Ehh, it’s a known bug of Mac OS X Finder. Sometimes Finder doesn’t update its view even it contains _dirty_ items. Reopening of the folder or creating a new folder inside should help, otherwise you need to Quit Finder. Sorry about that.

Q; I would like to use the Thumbnailer on my server. How can I do it from command line?

A: CTRL-Click the Thumbnailer icon and select “Show package contents” from the contextual menu. Inside of MacOS folder are two files, Thumbnailer and iconizer. Iconizer is the command line tool, which you’re looking for. For the ease of use create a symbolic link using command: 

sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/bin/iconizer

Q; What are the flags for the tool?

A: Enter command: iconizer -h

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