iOS is case sensitive

I was finishing my last project yesterday and to my surprise found that, after thorough tests in the iOS Simulator, that the app heavily crashes on the iDevice.

After a few checks in the debugger I discovered the root cause of the issue - I was assigning an image to imageView and its validity was tested using ZAssert macro as follows:

ZAssert(self.portraitBackgroundImage != nil, @"Portrait image is nil");

If you don't know ZAssert macro, you're missing a big help in tracing of your code. I found it on Marcus Zarra's blog as follows:

#ifdef DEBUG

#define DLog(...) NSLog(@"%s %@", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, [NSString stringWithFormat:__VA_ARGS__])

#define ALog(...) [[NSAssertionHandler currentHandler] handleFailureInFunction:[NSString stringWithCString:__PRETTY_FUNCTION__ encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] file:[NSString stringWithCString:__FILE__ encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] lineNumber:__LINE__ description:__VA_ARGS__]


#define DLog(...) do { } while (0)




#define ALog(...) NSLog(@"%s %@", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, [NSString stringWithFormat:__VA_ARGS__])


#define ZAssert(condition, ...) do { if (!(condition)) { ALog(__VA_ARGS__); }} while(0)

In my code, I have had a following statement:

p0205.portraitBackgroundImage = [UIImageimageWithContentsOfFile:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"p0205_p"ofType:@"JPG"]];

Do you notice uppercase JPG? It works without a glitch in the simulator, but not on the iDevice! The only reason is that iOS is case sensitive system. Didn't notice it before...

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